The Apprenticeship Programme


A practical approach is the key to the success of this programme – each Apprentice is working with an employer and paid a salary whilst achieving a qualification.

Apprenticeships are available for young people in Business Administration, Customer Service and Team Leading and Management.

They are available at Intermediate and Advanced Level and we are developing Higher level Apprenticeships although these are more likely to be suitable for older Apprentices.

An Apprenticeship standard consists of:

  • Diploma – Competence based element

  • Functional Skills – Maths, English and ICT (if you have these subjects at GCSE A-E you will usually exempt from this part of the standard)

  • Employment rights and responsibilities

  • Personal Learning and Thinking Skills

Reflections Business Development Training has a team of Learning and Development Consultants who assess, train and support learners who are on Apprenticeship programmes, and also private/corporate clients undertaking individual learning programmes on a fee-paying basis. (Corporate/Commercial programmes).



Reflections Business Development Training has been a leading provider of Apprenticeships in the West of England Area for many years.

With the current economic situation Apprentices have become an even higher priority for the government and there are currently over 100,000 apprentices nationally. Over 90% of Employers who employ Apprentices believe that Apprenticeships lead to a more motivated and satisfied workforce. Your current staff can also undertake an Apprenticeship providing they do not have a current qualification at level 4 or above.

There are Apprenticeship Standards in many different occupational areas. We deliver Apprenticeships in:

  • Business Administration

  • Customer Service

  • Team Leading

  • Management

Most Apprenticeships are at Intermediate (Level 2) and Advanced (Level 3) although more frameworks are being developed at Level 4 and 5.

A typical standard consists of:

  • Combined NVQ

  • Functional Skills – designed to provide the essential elements of English, Mathematics and ICT that can be applied to real life contexts

  • Employment rights and responsibilities

  • Personal Learning and Thinking Skills

Most Apprenticeships last between 12 and 24 months depending on the vocational area and the level although if you have previous employment experience this timescale could be shorter.

16-18 Apprenticeships are totally free to the employer although a contribution towards the training is expected for Apprentices age 19+

Currently employers with less than 1000 employees who have not taken an Apprentice in the last 12 months may also be entitled to a government grant.


Corporate/Commercial Programmes

Qualifications for Staff Development

Reflections Business Development Training is a major training provider of many years standing in the West of England area. As well as government sponsored programmes under the Reflections Business Development Training banners, we also offer a range of qualifications privately to employers and their staff and to private fee paying individuals where appropriate. We deliver:

  • Business and Administration – levels 2,3,4

  • Customer Service – levels 2, 3

  • Management - levels 3,5

  • Team Leading – level 2

  • Award in assessing candidates

  • Award in conducting internal quality assurance of the assessment process (Internal Verifier)

Other Development Programmes and Short Courses

Effective leadership and management of people is critical to the success of all businesses and Reflections Business Development Training will tailor management development programmes for all employers and their staff. Certification is available through OCR and the Institute of Leadership and Management accredited qualifications.

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